Guided Cloud Onboarding

⭐️⭐️⭐️🏒 CoreApplication teams are guided through the organizational (e.g. budget) and regulatory (e.g. compliance) cloud onboarding duties.

If your answer to β€œWho in your organization may use the cloud?” is β€œEverybody!”, you can skip this building block. Everybody else, pay attention.

Depending on the organizational needs, Cloud Onboardings can be as easy as signing into Self-Service Multi-Cloud Tenant Database and clicking a button and as complex as getting 10 approvals from 10 different stakeholders before finally getting the approval to the cloud.

In addition to technical-functional requirements, there are a whole range of organizational requirements that pave the way to the cloud. These include, questions of data protection, information security and business continuity. But the enterprise architecture, purchasing and law also address requirements that must be observed when onboarding and using cloud-based solutions. In the case of supervised industries such as banking institutions, investment and insurance companies or energy and pharmaceuticals, regulatory provisions are added that must be taken into account during cloud onboarding.

Best Practices for Guided Cloud Onboarding

Time-consuming and complex compliance review processes are pure poison for the cloud. In order to empower the user as quickly as possible, this process must be rethought in a new and simplified way. It is important to bring together all stakeholders such as data protection officer, information security officer, enterprise architect, etc. in a lean approach. The checklists must be consolidated, the use case owner needs precise instructions on what information and documents about the cloud product should be available for organizational onboarding. Ideally, the collection of these documents and information begins in parallel with the technical onboarding. In order to be able to work compliantly, quickly and audit-proof at the same time, a collaborative and workflow-oriented approach is essential. Today, this often still requires a rethinking of the stakeholders, who have to be picked up and managed for this mind change.

  • meshStack

    Implement simple onboarding workflows based on capturing organizational information as tags and setting tag-based policies. Model approval workflows using restricted tags that require an administrative permission to set. Cloud Foundations can automate advanced scenarios by connecting the meshStack API to an external onboarding portal to configure customer and project tags.

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  • CloudGate

    CloudGate is a SaaS solution for the onboarding of cloud use cases as well as compliance and risk management. It provides an overview in the central cloud register at any time and is also audit-proof. CloudGate makes the onboarding faster and more orderly. All stakeholders can work collaboratively and worflow-oriented on the review and release of cloud use cases. CloudGate offers numerous standard checklists and allows you to adapt to the individual requirements of the company.

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