Quickstart Guide

⭐️⭐️🏒 CoreThe capacity to present the Cloud Foundation in a digestible format, so potential clients and customers can easily learn about the offering.

As Cloud Foundations take shape, often at a high strategic leadership level, there's a critical need to ensure that existing application and development teams are informed of this transformation. Elevating awareness and equipping teams with the necessary resources for visibility becomes a pivotal step, allowing the Cloud Foundation to seamlessly deliver value and purpose to the broader business.

The Cloud Foundation Quickstart Guide

Introducing the Cloud Foundation and its toolkit or platform can be a daunting task. To simplify this, a practical approach involves encapsulating the fundamental essence of the Cloud Foundation, presenting Onboarding Journeys, and offering an overview of initial offerings.

Best Practices for the Guide

While the scope and scale of initial offerings may vary, it is recommended to include the following key topics in the documentation:

  • Purpose of the Cloud Foundation

  • Overview of Tools & Product Offering

  • Glossary of Abbreviations & Technical Terms

  • Best Practices aligned with the Shared Responsibility Model Alignment

  • Contact Information

This condensed document can be shared with users who are interested but may feel overwhelmed or lack the capacity to process extensive information at once.

Lifecycle Management & Continuous Improvements

To maintain the guide's relevance and efficiency while minimizing operational overhead, diligent Lifecycle Management of the information is crucial. Regular reviews of the resources should be conducted for changes, updates, or new information. This practice ensures that users encountering the Cloud Foundation for the first time receive an exceptional introduction, reducing inquiries based on outdated material.

Currently no tool implementations documented. Contributions welcome!