Consultation Services

⭐️⭐️🏒 CoreThe ability to provide Consultation services to customers in order to help them deploy projects in an efficient and economical way while adhering to best practices.

This strategic capability plays a pivotal role in supporting application and developer teams, ensuring the seamless deployment of projects while upholding industry best practices and surmounting complex business challenges.

Laying the Foundation for Effective Consultation

A robust foundation, as emphasized in the Guided Cloud Onboarding is paramount before delving into consultation services. This strategic preparation ensures that consultation services seamlessly complement, rather than replace, a sound framework. Once this groundwork is established, the Cloud Foundation can provide dedicated consultations to address specific queries related to cloud deployments.

Tailoring Consultation Services for Optimal Impact

The spectrum of consultation services varies, influenced by the overall cloud offering, business experience, and other factors. Tailoring these services to meet the unique needs of the business is imperative. Specific consultations may include:

  • Architecture Review: Assisting in the design and review of cloud architectures.

  • Security Assessment: Evaluating the security posture of cloud environments and providing recommendations.

  • Cost Optimization: Offering guidance on optimizing costs related to cloud resources.

Every consultation should be viewed as an opportunity to create reusable resources, enhancing knowledge and self-service capabilities within the business.

Specialized Departments for Consultations:

In the evolving community, specialized departments are emerging to address specific consultation needs. Each department, whether focusing on FinOps, SAP integration, Security, or other domains, has designated representatives to ensure clarity and coherence in the consultation process.

To ensure continuous improvement, tracking the types of consultations, success metrics, and other key indicators is recommended. This tracking provides valuable insights, allowing the Cloud Foundation to streamline operational efficiency.

"Ask an Expert" Sessions:

In addition to scheduled consultations, the community benefits from "Ask an Expert" sessions, providing an avenue for immediate assistance and fostering a culture of collaborative problem-solving. These sessions contribute to the long-term success of the Consultation Services capability by offering real-time support and promoting knowledge sharing within the community.

Best Practices in Consultation Services

  • Framework Synergy: Avoid replacing a sound framework with on-demand and ad-hoc resources. Consultation services should seamlessly complement existing frameworks.

  • Tailored Approach: Steer clear of a one-size-fits-all methodology. Tailor consultation services to the specific needs of the business.

  • Emphasis on Documentation: Ensure that documentation is an integral part of consultation services. Neglecting the creation of reusable resources should be avoided.

By incorporating specific consultations and adhering to best practices, the Cloud Foundation elevates its ability to deliver value, support, and guidance effectively.

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