Support Process

⭐️🏒 CoreThe ability to communicate efficiently with the Cloud Foundation to ensure a smooth operational model for both support- and news-related pieces.

Effective communication with the Cloud Foundation is fundamental to maintain a smooth operational model for both support and news-related interactions. This capability focuses on establishing a robust support flow process for Cloud Foundation customers, ensuring that requests are handled effectively, maintaining high customer satisfaction, and conveying suggestions and feedback efficiently.

A tightly integrated interaction mode between the Cloud Foundation and its customers expedites problem provisioning and resolution, particularly in the early stages. This can later be replaced by more structured processes, removing overhead and micromanagement to allow the team to concentrate on higher-order work.

Different Degrees of Support Flow Maturity

Foundational Support

Offering basic support is initially crucial to staying close to customers and addressing immediate issues without unnecessary complexity. This level is often representative of smaller Cloud Foundations, involving a basic support email alias and inbox, shared via the Internal Wiki .

Intermediate Support

As the Cloud Foundation gains traction, a simple support inbox may no longer suffice. Investing in dedicated tools for more efficient handling of support requests becomes essential. Depending on the size and onboarding processes, dedicated manpower to support teams might also be necessary. This level is often representative of mid-sized Cloud Foundations.

Advanced Support

At the highest level of maturity for this capability, the goal is to empower customers to solve their issues through self-service options like the Community Hub. This abstracts responsibility away from the Cloud Foundation, except for rare cases that are not easily solved. This level is often seen in all sizes of Cloud Foundations, as key aspects can be applied irrespective of size of the Foundation.

During this stage, other means of empowering customers, such as Live Events & Labs and Gamification, may also be in place, addressing requests in a way that allows for easy reproduction and sharing of solutions.

As the Support Flow transitions from a responsive to a proactive solution avenue, considerations may include replacing asynchronous support with live chat support or AI-powered assistance. This ensures scalability and long-term economic efficiency for the Foundation, mitigating unforeseen bottlenecks and shortcomings.

Currently no tool implementations documented. Contributions welcome!