Multi-cloud tenant database integrated with lifecycle management

⭐️⭐️⭐️🏢 CoreA central database of all multi-cloud tenants initiates tenant provisioning and deprovisioning processes. The database acts as an authoritative source of tenants and ensures tenant metadata is always up to date.

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This capability is the next evolution of the capabilities of a Self-Service Multi-Cloud Tenant Database by integrating automated metadata maintenance with Tenant Provisioning and Tenant Deprovisioning / Decommissioning processes. This process integration ensures that tenant data is always up to date and there are no “shadow workloads” on your cloud.

💡 Integration with tenant provisioning and deprovisioning processes is a “proactive” strategy to ensure all your cloud tenants are registered. Tenant Inventory Reconciliation is the corresponding “reactive” strategy.

  • meshStack

    meshStack automatically maintains the cloud tenant database as application teams provision or deprovision cloud tenants.

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