Cloud Partnerships

⭐️⭐️☁️ PlatformThe capability to foster a beneficial engagement with the existing Cloud Service Providers to benefit and enrich ongoing initiatives to further knowledge and success within the community.

Within the CFMM's Community Pillar, the establishment of strategic partnerships with Cloud providers emerges as a cornerstone capability. These collaborations not only facilitate internal teamwork with development units and key stakeholders but also unlock additional avenues to enrich community initiatives and engagement.

Initiating Partnerships: A Cornerstone for Community Growth

Commencing partnerships, especially with the primary Public Cloud Provider, serves as a catalyst for community expansion. This collaboration empowers the Cloud Foundation to seamlessly offer Playground / Sandbox Environments in their solution with minimal additional overhead. Prospective users can delve into functionalities, experiment with features, and gain insights into possibilities that may be otherwise constrained by budget allocations.

The initiation process is streamlined, requiring a straightforward contact form or email inquiry. Alternatively, involving a dedicated Partnership representative can ensure a smooth and continuous connection between the businesses.

Strategic Vision, Smart Implementation

Evolving beyond primary Cloud Provider collaborations, this capability expands to encompass strategic alliances with tools actively used within the business alongside those provided by the Cloud Foundation. This broader perspective lays the groundwork for Live Events & Labs, providing the community access to beta features and cultivating engagement with established best practices.

Strengthening these partnerships involves orchestrating collaborative events, featuring keynote speakers, and contributing to cloud provider blogs. This strategic approach ensures that partnerships transcend mere transactional engagements, evolving into dynamic, mutually beneficial relationships that significantly contribute to the success of both the Cloud Foundation and its community.

Currently no tool implementations documented. Contributions welcome!