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Our community offers powerful tools that simplify the process of building scalable and secure cloud environments, including the Landing Zone-Construction Kit and Collie.

Contruction Kit

Landing Zone-Contruction Kit

Landing Zones are an essential architectural pattern for building scalable and secure cloud environments to support multiple workloads. However, building Landing Zones can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially when dealing with multiple cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. The meshcloud Landing Zone Construction Kit simplifies the process of building Landing Zones by using Infrastructure as Code and GitOps to reduce complexity. Our kit is built on Terraform and enables you to integrate off-the-shelf reference IaC implementation published by cloud providers, as well as custom infrastructure automation. Our Landing Zone Construction Kit is a valuable resource in our community inventory, offering an intuitive interface and expert support to ensure a smooth and secure cloud deployment. With our kit, you can easily build a scalable and secure cloud environment that meets your specific needs.



Collie simplifies the management of multiple cloud platforms by bringing structure and visibility to your cloud landscape. With Collie's overview feature, you can view your costs, IAM, tags, and more across all cloud accounts within minutes. Collie's landing zone feature enables you to deploy landing zones across all clouds, manage a landing zone construction kit, and document landing zones for application teams and security stakeholders. Collie is a valuable resource in our Cloud Foundation Community inventory, offering an intuitive interface and expert support for a seamless and secure cloud deployment.