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โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโ˜๏ธ PlatformConduction of Live Events & Labs to offer unique opportunities to take particular services and practices under a focused lens and learn more around it in an interactive fashion.

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Conducting Hands-on Labs & Events regarding Cloud Technology and Cloud Best Practices gives an interactive way for the users of the Cloud Foundation platform to keep themselves relevant in the ever-growing landscape of Cloud tech, as well as offer unique opportunities to take a particular service or practice under a focused lens and learn more around it.

For instance, this could be a security-focused workshop that highlights many of the Security & Compliance concepts present in the CFMM done via 3rd party training, but in a highly digestible and hands-on format, that will make it easy and concise to retain the information presented. These events can happen either in-person or via a virtual conference, and the nature of the environment enables participants to retain and gain knowledge at a faster pace than with On-Demand Learning.

Taking part in these events with others also helps learn more in less time by addressing questions and concerns from other participants and having subject matter experts present directly, rather than in an asynchronous way.

As a best practice, it is suggested by the Cloud Foundation to have a look on support requests, commonly asked questions, and other hot topics from the past in order to determine what the biggest value add would be in a particular sector, and then craft the Event or Lab session around these findings. A concise feedback loop via user surveys and NPS also ensures that these occassions will become more useful as more insight is gained over time.

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