Internal Cloud Foundation Starter Pack

⭐️🏒 CoreThe capacity to present the Cloud Foundation, so potential clients and customers can learn about the offering.

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When Cloud Foundations are initially formed, which is often done on a high strategic leadership level, existing application and development teams might not necessarily be aware of this change right out of the box. It is thus important to raise awareness and provide necessary resources for visibility and exposure, so the Cloud Foundation can begin providing value and purpose to the business.

Meet the Cloud Foundation Starter Pack

A great way to get started on this daunting journey of presenting the Cloud Foundation and their toolkit or platform is to summarize basic idea of a Cloud Foundation, the Onboarding Journeys, as well as an overview of the initial offerings in an internal wiki.

This usually happens on the established platform the business uses as a knowledge platform, like Confluenceopen in new window or Notionopen in new window.

Best Practices for the Starter Pack

The initial offering can vary in scope and size, but is is suggested to include the following topics in the documentation:

  • Purpose of the Cloud Foundation

  • Overview of Tools & Product Offering

  • Glossary of Abbrevations & Technical Terms

  • Best Practices that are in line with the Shared Responsibility Model Alignment

  • Contact Information

It is also highly recommended to summarize this extensive information in an easy-to-digest document that can be sent out to users that are interested, but feel overwhelmed or do not have the capacity to digest all the information at once. A great example of such a document can be found below in the resources section of this capability.

Lifecycle Management & Continuous Improvements

In order for the pack to stay up-to-date and to reduce overhead, diligent Lifecycle Management of the information is another important point to consider. Both the wiki and any additional resources should be periodically reviewed for any changes, updates, or other new information that has made it’s way to the team or offering. This ensures that customers of the Cloud Foundation get a great first impression of the offering, and that requests on outdated material is kept to a minimum.

Currently no tool implementations documented. Contributions welcome!

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