Consultation Services

⭐️⭐️🏒 CoreThe ability to provide Consultation services to customers in order to help them deploy projects in an efficient and economical way while adhering to best practices.

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During the life of the Cloud Foundation, eventually there will come a time where an application or developer team simply does not have the knowledge or time to know exactly what they require in their cloud environments or how to realize and overcome business challenges, and this is where additional value and return of investment can be generated by the Cloud Foundation.

Good Preparation Is Half the Work

As already detailed in-depth in the Guided Cloud Onboarding section of the CFMM, it is highly suggested to develop this capability first, before offering any further form of Consultation by the Cloud Foundation, as great care needs to be taken to not replace a sound framework with on-demand and ad-hoc resources.

Once this is assured, however, it can be a great addition to the service offering of the Cloud Foundations to offer dedicated consultation on particular queries related to deployments in the cloud.

Choose the Model That Works for You

When talking about consultation services, they vary wildly, depending on cloud offering overall, general experience within the business, as well as many other factors. It is best to tailor the needs of the business towards the consultation offers the Cloud Foundation can provide to its community.

This could mean that the majority of time and energy needs to go towards providing help with selecting the right database service or the right size partition, but could also go into more complex architectural deployments in the cloud, all the way to turnkey solutions. It is recommended to use every consultation as a way to also create a reusable resource for further queries down the line and to continously improve the overall knowledge and self-service capability within the business.

It’s recommended to keep track of the types of consultation, the success metrics, and other indicators that can give a clear indication where gaps are present, so measurements can be taken in other capabilities to streamline the overall operational efficiency of the Cloud Foundation.

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