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⭐️⭐️⭐️🏒 CoreImplemented a Community Identity for the Cloud Foundation that is providing additional value and incentives to their customer base.

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During the development and growth of the Community Space capability, there’ll come a time where an identity of the Cloud Foundation and wider community should be developed to create an internal brand recognition, and to tighten the alignment and feeling of belonging between the different parties.

It’s Community All the Way Down

In order to find a suitable name and mission objective, it is important to consider the two different aspects of the identity of the community:

One one side is the Cloud Foundation, which should be in it’s own regard a brand and identity in this model. It is not uncommon to separate the actual community itself from the Cloud Foundation in an effort to give additional leverage to Community Champions and participants to create something for themselves, but in cooperation and harmony with the overarching Cloud Team.

It is suggested to let the Community themselves pick their name and logo, as well as any mission statement or otherwise relevant information for newcomers to their space. This can then further tie in with incentivizations or recurring rewards during the Gamified Community block development .

Representation & Advertisement

An important side-effect of developing a community identity for both the Cloud Foundation and the customers it serves is the creation of a reusable brand portfolio that can be used to represent the community internally and advertise around it.

A great place to start is by creating an internal shop for Merchandise that can either be used to purchase items directly, or hand them out when certain milestones of the Community have been accomplished.

Other Ways to Further Individuality

In order to further the efforts in creating a truly unique identity, it is imperative that community surveys are carried out, either regularly or at strategic intervals to put the community itself in charge in determining key aspects of itself, and thus ensure that a continuous improvement happens from within the core of the space, and not only from the top down.

Community Champions are also a crucial aspect in further validating and individualizing the identity, and it is a common practice to have champions of the community stand out with a specific rank or title to their name, so they’re easily recognized in the space by others for easy reference and representation of their status.

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