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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🏒 CoreAscended the Cloud Foundation to become a leader in the space around Cloud Culture & Community, and successfully lead and collaborate with others to pioneer further in the ever-growing landscape of community enablement.

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Once the Cloud Foundation has been well established internally and known in the vertical to be successful, it is recommended to increase the reach of the Cloud Foundation to other subsidiaries within the business in order to further the direct inclusion of new customers and opportunities in the existing ecosystem. By creating a model of Cloud Foundation as a Service, the business utilizes existing ecosystem participants and established and working standards to magnify the exposure internally.

Another benefit is to leverage the Cloud Foundation beyond the primary use case and solidify their presence in the wider ecosystem outside of the business in public Cloud Native events and seminars. This gives high level exposure, creates a positive feedback loop between learned practices and approaches of other Cloud Foundations, and is a huge boost to morale for the community at large.

Towards the late stages of this capability, the Cloud Foundation might host it’s own public events for other Cloud Foundations, take part in shaping the future of Community within Cloud Foundations, and is seen as a trusted and highly valued resource in the global cloud ecosystem.

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